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Clifford Bunch In 2003, I opened my own interior design company, having previously worked in Real Estate, home furnishings, and antique sales. My educational background is in philosophy and interior design. My experience combined with a passion for entertaining, have given me knowledge of how a home should be designed, so not only does it look wonderful, but is comfortable, efficient, and is sustainable.

My design creed is to create rooms that look as if they have evolved over time; rooms that have a history, and rooms that speak of the people who occupy them. For my designs I draw on historical styles and then combine with them with a modern outlook for life in today’s world. Because I don’t follow fads, I know that in 20 years time my rooms will look stylish and fresh.

My primary objective is to interpret, nurture, and reinforce my client’s concepts and personal aesthetic. I begin by building a close relationship with my clients, listening and understanding their vision, analyzing their lifestyle, and learning their personal requirements. I enjoy having the home owner as a part of the decision making process, I like to guide them to the best possible interpretation of their ultimate interior.

To paraphrase Winston Churchill ‘fist we shape our homes, and thereafter they shape us.’

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